DUI conviction

Punishments for driving drunk in Illinois are among the most severe in the nation. According to Illinois law, just for refusing to take the Breathalyzer test will automatically give you a year’s suspended license, and can sometimes incur additional fines. Even the first offense can cause at least 6 months suspended license, insurance and criminal… Read More »

DUI Drunk driving

What about the DMV when I am accused of drunk driving? Will you lose my license? The procedure DMV is not a criminal but civil procedure – their standards are broader, making it easier to suspend your license. No charge for defense DMV unless necessary. As the process works varies depending on whether did analysis… Read More »


First-time offenders – The alcohol education program (the “Ape”) An ideal offender’s resolution for the first time the charge of driving under the influence / I handle engaged in Baltimore would convince the judge to grant the request for Educational Programmed on Alcohol (the “AEP”). The AEP is an educational class supported and taught by… Read More »

DUI/ DWI (driving under the influence drunk driving)

In Baltimore arrests for driving under the influence / drunk driving (DWI / DUI) Baltimore has a reputation for being strict with those who drive drunk. The crime of Driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated under the general law to Baltimore 14-227 —– or driving under the influence-DUI / DWI —- is one of the… Read More »


Being charged either by driving under the influence or while intoxicated (DUI / DWI) can cause you to be put in prison, be placed on probation (probation), losing your job, prevent getting a job, etc. In cases of foreigners being deported can also cause or prevent you from obtaining US citizenship. A common mistake that… Read More »

DUI DWI and traffic violations

Lawyers can defend against trafficking charges in Maryland. If you have been charged. Speeding, driving recklessly or dangerously or DUI / DWI, our attorneys can explain your options and help you with your judgment The ‘legal limit’ for driving under the influence of alcohol is the same in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC If you… Read More »

DUI DWI and traffic violations

Strong and resourceful defense in DUI and traffic violations. Despite the intense media attention to harsh penalties and strict enforcement, arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) sometimes referred to as DWI are still very common in the area of ​​Silver Spring and along Maryland. It is a great risk and potentially greater mistake face… Read More »

What type of crime is DUI DWI

It is a DUI / DUI a felony? If you are facing a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substance, can you ask a common question? It is an offense DUI? This answer is not so simple, because DUI laws vary from one jurisdiction to another. Generally, DUI cases are… Read More »


For the large size, passenger capacity, and the potential for dangerous cargoes in commercial vehicles compared to passenger vehicles, there is a threat to the safety of the public and employer liability if a commercial driver handles and takes decision. Therefore, commercial drivers face a lower threshold than a regular DUI driver: A commercial driver… Read More »