DUI accidents

By | December 7, 2017

It is important that your DUI lawyer immediately carry out a full investigation of the accident, including:

  • Photos from the scene
  • Interview witnesses and statements
  • The results of the breathalyzer and field sobriety test on the site
  • Recording / tape 911
  • A full copy of the record of the court of drunk driver, to safeguard all the statements made concerning the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Review the criminal record of the defendant
  • Review of driving record
  • Video Patrol sobriety test on the site and arrest
  • Analysis, photographs and measurements of the vehicles involved

Some evidence may be destroyed, lost or misplaced; therefore you should quickly get in contact with our office for your attorney to obtain and preserve evidence.

Florida law provides that a drunk driver can be punished for operating a motor vehicle when their normal authorized under the influence of alcohol or chemicals, as described in Florida Statutes. The law also stipulates that can compensate with monetary compensation to punish the negligent conduct. These indemnities allowed by the Florida courts to punish the defendants are called compensation for damages. In Florida a driver operating a vehicle while his blood alcohol level in the blood is in excess of 08, is presumed to operate a vehicle when their normal faculties are impaired. Therefore, if someone operating a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle) with an alcohol level of .08 or more, that person is presumed to be driving under the influence and usually will be sanctioned with a DUI.

Premises Liability expending Spirits in Florida, bars, restaurants and other establishments that sell alcoholic beverages have an obligation not serve a recognized alcohol or someone who is visibly intoxicated. If you continue to serve that individual, they are responsible for damage caused by that person. This area of ​​law known as “dram shop liability” (responsible for setting sale of alcoholic beverages.

If liquor does not verify the identification of the person who is drinking alcohol to ensure that you have come of age, the establishment is responsible for any damage caused by the minor. The liquor may also be responsible for any injury suffered by the child as a result of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

If alcohol is consumed at a private party, the homeowner can be held legally responsible for injuries caused by a drunk driver. You need an experienced attorney who has handled numerous cases against drunk drivers to properly present your case in the most professional, detailed and effectively.

  • When the owner of a vehicle that a drunken person knew was going to operate your vehicle
  • When an employer did not take away your employee the given vehicle, after learning that the employee had prior arrests or convictions for DUI

When a drunk driver injures or kills someone, the case must be analyzed by a personal injury lawyer to determine whether compensation for damages applied. The DUI Lawyer Carlos J. Jimenez has successfully resolving cases of car accidents involving drunk drivers.