By | October 19, 2017

Being charged either by driving under the influence or while intoxicated (DUI / DWI) can cause you to be put in prison, be placed on probation (probation), losing your job, prevent getting a job, etc. In cases of foreigners being deported can also cause or prevent you from obtaining US citizenship.

A common mistake that people make is pleading guilty to a charge of DUI / DWI because they think there is no other option.

I also represent accused of committing traffic offenses such as driving without a license or with a suspended license, driving speeding, driving recklessly persons, etc.

An aggressive attorney on your side

You need an aggressive attorney on your side to be able to challenge the admissibility of evidence that the prosecution may have against you as test results of breath or blood aimed at determining alcohol concentration in the blood or controlled substances.

The judge will not suppress any evidence against you unless you have an aggressive attorney on your side that will challenge the admission of such evidence.

I’ll make sure the police have followed legal procedures to determine that you were intoxicated or driving under the influence.

I’ll check carefully all the evidence against you and how it was obtained. Evaluate even if you were legally stopped. The police cannot stop arbitrarily.

A declaration of guilt may include a positive result to avoid a conviction, pleading guilty to a less serious charge and minimize penalties.

What to do?

If while driving to the police first thing you have to do is be polite. In Maryland there is no obligation to submit to a breath test or blood test unless the driver has been involved in an accident that resulted in severe injury or death of another person. However if he is convicted, the driver who refuse to undergo the test s may face a prolonged suspension of license or ignition interlock requirement, as well as the possibility of higher criminal penalties.

You can immediately ask to speak to a lawyer before agreeing that practice test alcohol concentration or always controlled substances and when the query does not interfere with the efforts of the police to get the test result quickly and efficiently.

If the driver chooses to be tested, by law, the technician must administer breath tests within two hours after the driver is stopped. If the test is administered after the two-hour period, the test result can be challenged in court.

Do not make any admission to the police have taken or abused drugs. Even say you just drink a beer.